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List of corporate objectives and purpose of use

  RINS business activities Purpose of use
  • Development, design, manufacture, sales and service of optical/precision instruments, manufacturing/inspection equipment, materials/parts, software and systems, etc.
  1. (1)Provision and proposal of information relating to products and services
  2. (2)Provision of products and services
  3. (3)Invoicing and recovering payments
  4. (4)Surveys relating to product/service planning and usage
  5. (5)Generation of statistical documents
  • Corporate activities relating to, orconcomitant to the research, development manufacturing etc. of business as indicated above.
  1. (1)Procurement of materials
  2. (2)Payment, generation of invoices and other clerical activities
  3. (3)Generation of statistical documents
  • Corporate activities relating to, or concomitant to office activities as indicated above.
  1. (1)Recruitment activities, communication and inquiry to shareholders and retired employees
  2. (2)General clerical communication and inquiry