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Microlens Array

"Optics" is a new technology of widening possibilities for society.

Micro process technology allows to extract different properties of light by means of precise processing to increase optical efficiency. Technology to control the refringence, diffraction, and change of light leads to possible applications for optical communications, flat panel displays, and measuring instrument technologies to be developed.RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc. is utilizing in-house developed microlens arrays to increase optical fiber's transmitting and receiving efficiency in optical communications field and optical display field. These microlens arrays have made liquid crystal panels with greatly improved optical efficiency a reality.

image: Back Focus Lens
  • Back Focus Lens
  • Coupling Lens
image: DOE
  • DOE
image: 48 ChannelVGroove
  • 48 ChannelVGroove
image: Fiver Array
  • Fiver Array
  • Metalization technique
  • Glass to Metal Sealing

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