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Inorganic Waveplate

Nano-ordered microfabrication technique

RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc.'s inorganic waveplate (quarter-wave plate and half-wave plate) has attained a high reliability that conventional waveplates never have.
The waveplate is manufactured by using a nanometer-order micro glass fabrication technique.


  • High reliability (heat resistance)
  • Light resistance
  • Thin plate (t=0.3mm ~)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Environmentally friendly (Halogen-free, RoHS compliance, etc.)
  • Superior in incidence angle dependence (very small property changes even at an angle of ±10°)
  • Easy to develop complex elements on one substrate (e.g.,(1)waveplate with grating(2)waveplate with polarizer and(3)waveplate with reflecting mirror)
  • Easy to design and develop polarization function as desired area at the same surface on a substrate


Type 1/4(single plate) 1/2 (single plate)
Material Glass (substrate) and dielectrics (multilayer)
Wavelength 405nm (400~415nm)
Incident angle 0°±10°
Dimension □2~ □30(mm)
Thickness 0.6~
* 0.3mm~ available
Retardation property @0°incident angle 90°±5° 180°±10°
AR coating Reflecting surface /Surface / : ≦ 0.5% (at an incident angle of 0°)


  • Retarder
  • Various Filters

Cutting Element

Contact us to inquire about even the precision cutting of various components.
As for the criteria for cutting precision, please see below.

・High precision cutting of glass substrate
  Cutting precision within ±5μm
  Processing size >□0.5mm
  Thickness 2mm or less
・Standard precision cutting of glass substrate
  Cutting precision ±50μm
  Processing size 12 inch
  Thickness 2mm or less

This makes it possible to produce an area division element.

image: Illustration of a waveplate array
Illustration of a waveplate array

Licensed technology from Photonic Lattice, Inc.

Photonic Lattice, Inc. (Click to see the Photonic Lattice, Inc. website.)

Additional time may be needed to respond to mail received on or immediately before or after weekends, holidays, or the year end/New Year's. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.