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Message of the President

RICOH Industrial Solutions was established in October 2014 as a company specializing in industrial fields, and is now welcoming its 5th year. During this time, we have continued to revolutionize optical technology cultivated over the RICOH Group's long years of experience, image processing technology, IoT technology, etc. We provide precision equipment parts and services that anticipate the needs of industrial customers.

For the automotive field, we provide products that utilize advanced sensing and display technology. In particular, we are working to improve accident prevention performance, such as collision avoidance through our advanced driver support by the use of on-board stereo cameras that recognize pedestrians and obstacles. In addition, our goal is to contribute to a mobile society that realizes autonomous driving that can recognize road surface conditions and signs. In the projection field, we have the top global share in projector projection lenses for offices and schools. We also provide high value-added lens modules such as ultra-short throw lenses to customers in a variety of industries in the consumer and industrial sectors. In the field of industrial smart systems, we create new social value with customers through fusion of sensing edge devices and embedded controllers.

We will continue working together with all our employees to provide products that suit our customers' needs in a timely manner, thereby bringing about change and realizing a safe and comfortable society. We look forward to your continued support.

image: President  Hiroshi Takemoto
April 2019 President
Hiroshi Takemoto