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Progress of Mounting Technology

Since our establishment, we have made efforts to develop the industry-leading high-density mounting technology. Recently, we have also succeeded in developing environmentally-friendly production technologies that can be offered to our customers.

Systematized production technology High-density technology High-speed technology Eco-friendly technology
  • Automatic appearance inspection
    image: Automatic appearance inspection
  • Robot soldering
    image: Robot soldering
  • Automatic inspection system
  • Cell production
    image: Cell production
  • Connection reliability
    image: Connection reliability
  • High-density design
    image: High-density design
  • Three-point assurance process
  • Multi-soldering robot
  • Mixed cell
  • Grouping production
  • Production in China
  • Development of plastic printing mask
  • Development of solder recovery technology
  • Bare chip mounting technology
    image: Bare chip mounting technology
  • Inspection technique for high-speed circuit
    image: Inspection technique for high-speed circuit
  • Lead-free production technology
  • POP mounting technology
    image: POP mounting technology
  • Optimum pattern design
    image: -Optimum pattern design
  • Solder paste regeneration technology
  • Dry cleaning technology

Mounting capability

Tottori Office Layout of the 1st floor of the factory building

Automatic mounting facilities 9 lines
Automatic insertion equipment 2 units
Solder bath 1 units
Small-size solder bath 4 units
Soldering robot 31 units
Mounting capability About 120,000k pcs /month (actual performance)
Other In-circuit testers, appearance inspection devices, and X-ray devices

image: Tottori OfficeLayout of the 1st floor of the factory building

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