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Terms of Use

October, 2014 referred to as Ricoh corporate site) is managed and maintained by Ricoh Industrial Solutions Incorporated (hereafter referred to as Ricoh Industrial Solutions)
Prior to the use of the Ricoh corporate site, please read and acknowledge the following terms of use. Ricoh Industrial Solutions may alter the terms of use for the Ricoh corporate website at any time without prior notice.Accordingly, please confirm the latest term of use prior to accessing this site. Additionally, Ricoh Industrial Solutions may shut down the Ricoh corporate website at any time without prior notice.


  1. The information posted within the Ricoh corporate website is protected by copyright laws of respective nations, as well as various treaties and other applicable laws/regulations. Except for personal, non-commercial internal use, you are prohibited to use (including, without limitation, copying, modifying, reproducing in whole or part, uploading, transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling and publishing) any of the materials, without obtaining RINS' prior written permission.
  2. Software downloadable from the Ricoh corporate website are copyrighted by respective holders. Use of the Software is subject to the terms and conditions of each end-user license agreement between the owner of such Software and end-user thereof, copyright laws and other applicable laws of each country throughout the world, and treaty provisions.
  3. "RICOH" brands used within the Ricoh corporate website are the registered trademarks of Ricoh Co., Ltd. The product names of products provided by "Ricoh Industrial Solutions" are the trademarks/registered trademarks of Ricoh Co., Ltd. or Ricoh Industrial Solutions. Product and corporate names otherwise indicated are the trade names, registered trademarks or trademarks of respective companies.
  4. Use of materials on RINS Sites shall not be interpreted as a comprehensive grant and/or assignment of RINS' and/or the third parties' patent, utility model, trademark, trade name, service mark, copyright, design, trade secret or any other intellectual property right by RINS or the third parties, even if you may use materials on RNS Sites to the extent that RINS expressly approve your use on RINS Sites in accordance with Terms and Conditions.


Users are prohibited from the following in using the Ricoh corporate website:

  1. Infringing the legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of RINS and/or others
  2. Causing any damages or disadvantage to RINS and/or others
  3. Disturbing public order
  4. Criminal act
  5. Uploading false information including, but not limited to, other's IP address and password.
  6. Using RINS Sites for any commercial purpose.
  7. Defaming, disgracing or libeling RINS and/or others
  8. Uploading files that contain viruses corrupted files that may cause damages to the operation.
  9. Any other activities that are unlawful or prohibited by any applicable laws.
  10. Other activities deemed inappropriate by Ricoh Industrial Solutions.


  1. Contents posted to websites hosted by third parties linked from the Ricoh corporate website other than the links to the Ricoh Industrial Solutions website (hereafter referred to as "linked sites") are maintained and managed under the responsibility of respective parties, and Ricoh Industrial Solutions is in no way responsible for such information. Use of the Linked Site shall be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by the operator of each Linked Site. RINS shall not be responsible for any loss, expense or damage, however caused, in connection with the use of any Linked Site and your access to any of the Linked Sites shall be at your own risk.
  2. The fact that links to the Ricoh corporate website are provided on such linked sites does not signify Ricoh Industrial Solution's endorsement for the use of such linked sites, or the recommendation on behalf of Ricoh Industrial Solutions for products, services or companies posted on such sites. Additionally, the provision of links does not signify affiliations or any special relations between Ricoh Industrial Solutions and the linked sites.
  3. No specific prior approval is necessary in linking to information posted onto the Ricoh corporate website (documents, images, etc.) from external websites. Please notify the URL of the link source and the contact of the website administrator from this link after consenting to the terms of use and creating the link.
  4. Please refrain from using the Ricoh logo in linking to this website. Corporate names should be indicated as text character strings in accordance with the example given below: (Example: "Ricoh Industrial Solutions Inc.", "Ricoh Industrial Solutions". Information posted to the Ricoh corporate website is constantly subject to update, and may change without prior notice including The URL. Request for deletion may be issued in the event the link violates the designated terms of use.
  5. Parties intending to reproduce (or quote) the contents provided within the Ricoh corporate website are asked to obtain prior permission from this link. In this case, please note that RINS may at its sole and exclusive discretion refuse your offer of copying or quotation.
  6. Corporate and product names indicated within the documents posted to the Ricoh corporate website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of respective parties.


  1. Products and services introduced on the Ricoh corporate website may not be available depending on the region or nation. For information concerning the products and services provided within respective regions/nations, please inquire our sales representatives within the region/nation of residence.
  2. Specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice. Additionally, the hue of the product images posted may differ slightly from the actual product. For detailed performance/specification/restriction of respective products indicated, please refer to your sales representative.
  3. Miscellaneous charges including delivery/installation fees and adjustment fees may be required in addition to the standard sales price of the products in the event of purchase. For details, please refer to your sales representative.


  1. Ricoh Industrial solutions does not desire the reception of any information of proprietary or confidential nature through the Ricoh corporate website. Please note that any information or material sent to RINS will be deemed not to be confidential. Ricoh Industrial Solutions declines any obligation to consider, evaluate or adopt any proposals conveyed to the firm through the Ricoh corporate website.
  2. In the event information or documents are to be provided to Ricoh Industrial Solutions, the party providing such information (hereafter referred to as the provider) is deemed to have consented to granting irrevocable and unrestricted rights for the use, reproduction, exhibit, display, transmission, distribution, translation and otherwise utilize such provided documentation and information. Furthermore, the provider is deemed to have consented to the unrestricted use of the idea, concept, know-how, technique to Ricoh Industrial Solutions regardless of their intent in the provision of such information. Accordingly, in the event similar or identical concepts are employed by Ricoh Industrial Solutions, the company shall have no obligations whatsoever to the provider of such information including the payment of compensation therefor.
  3. Ricoh Industrial Solutions shall not disclose or announce the name of the provider or the fact that any information was transmitted from the provider to Ricoh Industrial Solutions
    not withstanding the following exceptions:
    • RINS obtains your permission to use your name.
    • RINS first notifies you that the materials or other information you submit to a particular part of RINS Sites will be published or otherwise used with your name on it.
    • RINS is required to do so by law.


  1. Ricoh Industrial Solutions has exerted all practical attention in the posting of information to the Ricoh corporate website. However, Ricoh Industrial Solutions makes no assurances whatsoever as to the accuracy, adequacy or appropriateness of the information posted, including its value, suitability or safety of those using the posted information (such as the continuance of functionality, error-free operation, correction of defects, and the potential intrusion of computer viruses in the Ricoh corporate website servers/computers). Furthermore, Ricoh Industrial Solutions assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by the users of the information regardless of the use or neglect thereof, or from the use of the Ricoh corporate website.
  2. Ricoh Industrial Solutions may modify any information posted to this website without prior notice. Additionally, the hosting of the Ricoh corporate website may be paused or terminated without notice. Ricoh Industrial Solutions shall assume no responsibility whatsoever pertaining to damages/losses incurred from the alteration of the posted information, or the pausing or termination of the hosting of the website.


Unless otherwise stipulated, the interpretation and application of the usage and terms of use for the Ricoh corporate website shall comply with applicable laws and regulations of Japan. Unless otherwise stipulated, all disputes arising from the use of the Ricoh corporate website shall be resolved under the jurisdiction of the Yokohama District Court.