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Plastic Precision Molds

Molds guaranteed from the mold up to the final product stage.

image: Molds guaranteed from the mold up to the final product stage.

RICOH Industrial Solutions Inc.'s manufactures a wide range of products in different fields, such equipments are office electronics use, projectors, medicine, communication. From mold design of optical elements to actual production.In recent years, we have also engaged in manufacturing molds for plastic lens and lenses with a greater bend surface range. The technical knowledge we have amassed up to now is not applied only to the manufacture of metal molds, but also employed to satisfy our customers in all sorts of ways based on our motto of "MOLDS GUARANTEED FROM THE MOLD UP TO THE FINAL PRODUCT STAGE." We are also available for consultations regarding taking customer mold orders or engaging in joint development work, etc.

Main metal mold processing

Taking lenses, finder lenses, projection lens for projector, array lenses, optical equipment f-theta lenses, barrel toroidal lenses (BTL)

image:Main metal mold processing

Scope of machining shapes and precision of optical elements and metal frames

Machining Shapes

Flat, spherical, aspherical, cylindrical, toroidal, barrel toroidal, fine triangular (low pass filter) prisms, free-curved surface, etc.

Shape Precision

*0.5μm~3μm (* Shape precision is subject to machining shape and optical materials. Please consult us to cater your needs.)

Machining Figures

Lens by cutting :0.3μm/φ20mm
Prism by cutting in triangle shape :Height : 0.6μm±0.06μm
Metal frame :0.08μm/φ50mm
Metal frame :0.5μm/φ200mm
Metal frame for unusual-shaped cylinder lens :0.25μm/120mm
Metal frame for barrel-toroidal shaped lens :0.5μm/200m

Surface precision

Free-Curved surface f-theta metal frameFor scanning direction : 0.2μmFor processing direction : 0.1μm/220mm
*Ra=0.006μm (* Please consult as needed on shapes and material, etc.)

Machinable Material

  • For Metal dies*Metal mold: used in molding optical elements
  • By Cutting:Non-ferrous materials such as Ni, Cu, and Al
  • By Grinding/polishing:Ferrous type materials such as STAVAX and HIPM-1
  • For Cutting lens
  • Plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate, zeonex

For Cutting lens

Plastics such as acrylic, polycarbonate, zeonex

Secondary Machining

Vapor deposition including deposition of antireflection coating and AI reflective film

Additional time may be needed to respond to mail received on or immediately before or after weekends, holidays, or the year end/New Year's. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.